Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad was created in 2017. Since that time our primary goal was to support Ukrainian scientists and different educational programs for Ukrainian scholars. On February 24, when russian forces launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our organization changed its focus. Our priority now is to provide help for the Ukrainian refugees, hospitals and civilians and Ukrainian Arm Forces in times of great need. 

At the heart of our volunteer association are Natalia Mirovych, Valeria Vasylets, Natalia Burkalo.
These young women coordinate the work at the headquarters of the UAUA and the warehouse and navigate the volunteers’ network in New York and neighboring states. The UAUA works closely with a logistics center in Poland, where about two million Ukrainian refugees have found temporary shelter. It helps us direct our help to those most in need and get updates about supply shortages in the refugee centers on the Ukrainian-Polish borders and even at the front .