A lot of people are asking if we have already sent so many tactical first aid kits, why do we need more?

The war is still going on, it has not finished yet, people are still fighting, dying, getting wounded…

A significant part of humanitarian aid and supplies are disposable, but people’s lives - NOT! There are a great number of lives to be saved and, unfortunately, this digit is increasing rapidly.

CAT tourniquets, chest seals, quikclot combat gauze, decompression needles, nasal trumpet, compressed gauze, etc. This list continues to fill.

All these items are needed to be given to our brave soldiers to save the life of their comrades, civilians or their own on the battlefield. We have received a great list of requirements from different regiments. The reason why is wounded soldiers. Some of them are in critical condition. It is crucial to help them with medicine immediately, but even if we do it right now, the result won’t be on time, and we will lose the fight with time.  

 That is why we can’t stop stressing enough of the importance of tactical medicine. We are engaged in a race against time to get the tactical medicine to the right places. The first parts are on their way to Ukraine! It was really hard to get them. We were hiring tactical first aid kits from all over the U.S. Thanks to our great team we have done it. Because our people are the ones who have made impossible things possible! 

 We must be sending it more often and in bigger volumes. The more the casualties will be avoided, the more lives will be saved!



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