While Ukrainian Defenders are fighting against russian forces in hot spots, Ukraine and Ukrainians abroad are fighting in the rear for facing the challenge to cover all of their needs. In addition to humanitarian aid for civilians, we have been sending different items for Ukrainian Soldiers since February 24.

Tactical first aid kits, turnstiles, bloodstoppers, chest seals, a lot of medications in different use, antidotes, protein bars, etc were shipped to the hot spots of russian war in Ukraine. 

Mainly, from a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, we have been searching and sending to our defenders’ a great amount of tactical medicine, food, ammunition, etc. Moreover, we have tried to cover all the requests of our soldiers. 

We are continuing to search, pack and send all the needs for our defenders. The more ammunition, binoculars, walkie-talkies, water filters, and drones have been sent, the more our soldiers need. 

Ukrainian soldiers are our Heroes! And our aim is to help them to defend our Motherland!

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the Heroes!


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